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Position: naica® Crystal Digital PCR System

naica® Crystal Digital PCR System

naica®Crystal Digital PCR System

Stilla technologies naica®6 channel micro drop chip digital PCR system is derived from the crystal micro drop chip digital PCR technology.

It can automatically generate and amplify micro drops. Each sample well can realize the detection of six fluorescence channels, intelligently identify

micro drops and conduct quality control. Within three hours, the absolute copy number concentration of at least six target genes can be obtained.

Combining the advantages of traditional micro drop and chip, it is called the next generation digital PCR technology.


The PCR reaction solution was loaded into the innovative microfluidic chip in one step,naica®six channel micro drop chip digital PCR system

can automatically generate a single layer of 2D micro drop array, and then detect each micro drop after PCR amplification with uniform temperature,

six channels of fluorescence signals were collected, and the positive and negative droplets were counted. The absolute copy number concentration of target gene was calculated by Poisson distribution.

Sapphire and Opal two chips are available to meet your different flux detection needs. The results of the two chips can be read repeatedly,

and the stability of the droplet is good.

the chip was placed in the Naica geode droplet generation amplification system. Start crystal digital PCR ™ Procedure: after each sample

automatically generated uniform droplets, PCR amplification was immediately run,The whole process does not need sample transfer and manual


Naica Prism Droplet reading and analysis system

Naica Prism system is compatible with a variety of fluorescent dyes(FAM,ROX,Cy®5,YY®Atto 550,Cy®5.5etc),at least six target genes

can be identified in up to six color fluorescent channels In order to obtain more gene information from limited biological samples.Just put the chip

on prism micro drop reading and analysis system, read the micro drop through six color fluorescence channels, and get the experimental data


Crystal MinerThe analysis software has friendly interface, intuitive operation, automatic and manual threshold setting, automatic evaluation of

data quality, and provides the original results, which can be traced to a single droplet to ensure the objective and reliable results.At the same time,

the pooling function is provided to realizethe multi hole merging analysis easily and meet the experimental requirements of higher sensitivity and

higher resolution.

Product features:

• only needs one-step sample adding operation and can be completed in 5 minutes

• Provide original results, realize quality control and visual traceability

• The flux is flexible and can complete 1-48 samples

• Closed chip design to avoid aerosol pollution

• Multi channel detection, cost saving

Stilla technologies naica®Six channel micro drop chip digital PCR system is a real absolute quantitative system without standard sample and

standard curve. Through the limited dilution of the template, it has strong resistance to inhibitors,which is more conducive to the detection of

complex samples such as clinical and environmental samples. Compared with qPCR, qPCR has better sensitivity and resolution, which can effectively

realize the accurate quantification of nucleic acid samples with low concentration and low abundance.