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Position: Azure Series Products

Azure Series Products

SapphireTM Biomolecular imager

The Sapphire Biomolecular imager is a next generation laser scanning system that provides you with exceptional data quality though extremely sensitive detection, ultra high resolution and broad linear dynamic range. This system supports long and short wavelengths of near infrared fluorescence (NIR), red/green/blue (RGB) imaging, chemiluminescent imaging, phosphor imaging as well as optical densitometry (OD) of proteins in stained gels.

Azure Biosystems’Azure cSeries is the only CCD based imaging systems that offer a gel imaging system that is fully upgradable to a laser based IR Western imaging system. The Azure Biosystems cSeries offers 7 unique gel imaging systems. Select which one fits your applications now, and learn more about upgrading later when your needs change.

The Azure cSeries Imaging Systems