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Stilla Technologies

Stilla Technologies

Stilla Technologies is a Paris-based European biotechnology company that focuses on accelerating the development of next-generation genetic tests by providing biologists with tools for high-resolution genetic analysis. Using breakthrough microfluidic technology, Stilla has developed the Naica system, an innovative digital PCR platform compatible with multiple chemistries and equipped with multiplex capabilities. Most of all, by encapsulating all steps for digital PCR in a single chip, Naica offers a fast and user friendly solution, rendering digital PCR accessible to all.

Using cutting-edge microfluidic innovations, this technology integrates the digital PCR process in a single consumable. The sample is first flowed through a network of microchannels and partitioned into a large 2D array of 30,000 individual droplets, also called a droplet crystal. PCR is then performed on-chip and the crystal is imaged to reveal the droplets that contain amplified targets. The last step consists in counting the number of these positive droplets to precisely extract the absolute quantity of nucleic acids. With Crystal Digital PCR, the combination of powerful image analysis and intuitive visual inspection offers an unmatched level of confidence in the digital PCR measurement, yielding data you can truly trust.

“While performing absolute quantitation of nucleic acids, the high sensitivity of digital PCR covers the field that CT in Real Time PCR is not efficient. For example, Trace Nucleic acids Detection 、rare mutation detection、Copy number variation、Single cell gene expression assays 。And these results have important meanings to medical researches, especially at Liquid Biopsy(cfDNA)、Infectious disease detection、Early diagnosis of cancer、Prognosis and follow-up、Organ transplantation and so on.” Said Dr. Rémi Dangla, CEO of Stilla Technologies.

Dr. Rémi Dangla got his PhD at MIT and was nominated MIT Young Innovator under 35 by the MIT Technology Review. Owning multiple physics and physical chemicophysics patents, Dr. Rémi Dangla and Stilla Technologies keep long term cooperation with MIT, to provide better solutions for the Biological and Medical field.

For informations about NaicaTM Crystal digital PCR system:

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