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  • Contact:北京深蓝云生物科技有限公司
  • Phone:010-57256059
  • Address:北京亦庄经济开发区经海四路BOX企业汇25号院2号楼3层
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Position: Phoseon Technology

Phoseon Technology

Phoseon Technology

Starting from 2002 in Portland Oregon USA, Phoseon Technology foresaw the value of LEDs for both Industrial Curing applications and Life Sciences solutions. Building from our strong background in solid-state semiconductor devices, we utilize native diodes to provide the optimum mix of power, uniformity and control for LED curing applications. The Company is 100% LED focused and provides both standard and custom solutions to OEMs and end-users worldwide.

Phoseon’s patented Semiconductor Light Matrix™ (SLM)™ technology encompasses LED arrays, optics, thermal and electrical management to ensure optimal performance. These patented, highly-engineered systems deliver maximum UV energy while taking advantage of the inherent robustness of solid-state technology

Phoseon products provide sustained high-power UV output with continuous internal monitoring of the system’s operating environment, enabling process stability and precise control. They are successfully curing inks, coatings and adhesives in many demanding applications. Additionally, scalable uniformity, total power, and peak irradiance thresholds are tuned to specific application needs.

We have discovered utilizing both 275nm and 365nm wavelengths provides a synergistic effect allowing even faster, stable reactions. Remove RNase, bacteria, virus, fungus and other contamination is in only 5min. KeyPro™ UV LED decontamination system eliminates contamination without residue or rinsing, saving up to 90% of the time and cost of chemical decontamination.