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Position: NaicaTM Crystal Digital PCR

NaicaTM Crystal Digital PCR

Naica TM crystal Digital PCR

——Easy and fast to complete 3 channels detection

Naica TM crystalCrystal Digital PCR is Stilla’s next-generation technology for absolute quantification of nucleic acids.Using cutting-edge microfluidic innovations, this technology integrates the digital PCR process in a single consumable. The sample is first flowed through a network of microchannels and partitioned into a large 2D array of 30,000 individual droplets, also called a droplet crystal.

Application field


Only one step to add samples, manual operation only takes 5 minutes, 2.5 hours to obtain results

Product Features

Fully enclosed: Sample is joined with special chip.

Sealed entirely and no cross-contamination.

Micro-flow device:The sample automatically generates

and tiles 25000-30000 uniform droplets.

3-color channels:

FAM…/VIC…/Cy5…three fluorescence channels for multiplex assay

Crystal droplets inspection:visual inspection to the single droplet.Compatible with Evagreen,

TaqMan probe and the likewise fluorescence