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Position: Azure Cielo Real-Time PCR Systems

Azure Cielo Real-Time PCR Systems

Azure CieloTM Real-Time PCR Systems
Harness of the power of qPCR

The Azure CieloTM real-time PCR system from Azure Biosystems, USA, combines high-quality PCR temperature modules and excellent fluorescence detection systems to provide your scientific research with highly accurate, sensitive, and reliable results.
Intuitive touch screen control software, the host itself can be controlled independently, and the software can be remotely monitored, allowing you to monitor the progress of the experiment and obtain the experimental results in real time. Two-year standard warranty reflects the robustness and reliability of the system, giving you confidence in your results.

Product Feature:

● Reliability—Our optics and thermal block are designed to deliver the same uniformity and reproducibility after 1000 qPCR experiments, giving you confidence in reliability of the machine.

● Flexibility—Engineered for a wide variety of qPCR applications

● Intelligent workflow—Our user interface allows simple touchscreen assay setup, and multi-user logins to make each run easy and reproducible

● Connectivity—no external PC is required to run the machine. Data can be transferred via Ethernet, LAN, Wi-Fi or USB

Performance without compromise:

Amplification curves for 96 replicates have been shown in Figure A) Linear Plot and Figure, and B) Logarithmic Plot. 96 replicates of 105 copies of GAPDH template amplified in the presence of GAPHD primers. Average Cq = 19.1, Coeff of variance (Cv)= 0.002. (Cv)=0.002

● Reliably detect 2-fold differences

10 point, 2×dilution series of Human reference cDNA (n=3) was tested for Human GAPDH using Azure CieloTM . Shown here is the Log Amplification Curve of the 10 samples. In-set Figure shows Standard Curves Plot of the 2×Dilution series, R2(Standard Curve Method )=0.998, Amplification Efficiency=99.89%.

● Robust design for the lifetime of your Lab

After subjecting the Azure CieloTM for 100 continuous qPCR experiments,a GAPDH qPCR assay was performed and Amplification values (Cq) were recorded. Average Cq in each assay = 22.4, ±0.01.

● Intelligent workflow

▷ Guided programming

Azure CieloTM qPCR is equipped with a 10.3-inch touch screen, and intelligent wizard-style program setting is quick and easy.

▷ Intuitive and flexible data analysis

Preset a variety of data analysis templates-absolute quantification, allelic typing, relative expression quantification, high-resolution melting curves, etc. Reference, control, and unknown samples are easily set. All well positions and setting properties in the plate layout are clear at a glance.

▷ Customized data export

It can be customized according to requirements, and can be output, but not limited to: plate layout, PCR running program settings, raw data map, amplification curve chart, graphical display, statistical data, experimental instructions, etc.

The data transmission is convenient, providing interactive forms such as USB, Ethernet, WiFi, etc., and can receive the experiment completion notification and experiment data files remotely.

Technical Specifications:

Item Description

Product description

96-well Real-Time PCR instrument with 10.2” touchscreen interface

Sample capacity (wells)


Reaction volume


Excitation source

LED,Lifespan> 100,000 hours

Detection channels



Up to 6 targets

Thermal element


Block ramp rate


Temperature uniformity


Temperature accuracy


Chemistry capability


Dye compatibility

SYBR Green/EvaGreen/FAM、VIC/HEX/JOE/Cal Fluor 540/Cal Fluor Orange 560、TAMRA/Cy3、TEX615/ROX/Cal Fluor Red 610、Cy5/LIZ/Mustang Purple/Quasar 670、Cy5.5/Quasar 705

Custom dye/chemistry

Compatibility method

Compatible with fluorescence detection methods such as dye method and probe method

Detection sensitivity

1 copy


Detect differences as small as 2-fold in target quantities in single plex reactions


USB,Wi-Fi,LAN, Ethernet