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The 2019-nCoV Fully Sealed Ultra-sensitive Digital PCR Detection

Beijing Cycloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. can provide a highly sensitive digital PCR absolute quantitative detection scheme verified by the national authority for the 2019-nCoV with highly specific and highly sensitive.

The scheme is based on the following:

★ Naica crystal digital PCR system.

★ qScript XLT One-Step RT-qPCR ToughMix: High-quality one-step premix.

★ Primer and probe sequences: refer to the sequences provided by the China CDC-National Institute For Viral Disease Control and Prevention, which can be synthesized by yourself, or you can contact the Cycloud technicians for synthesis.

★ KeyproTM KP-100 Biocontamination Rapid Purifier

By one-step reverse transcription-digital PCR combined with the TaqMan probe method, the RNA copy number concentration can be directly obtained by adding an RNA template to the amplification reagent. For 2019-nCov: its open reading frame (ORF1ab) and nucleoprotein (N Gen) were selected for absolute quantitative detection.

Workflow(* For research use only) :

The entire detection process is fully sealed in the Naica crystal digital PCR system. Simply add the reaction solution of the RNA sample to the Sapphire chip, and the machine can automatically perform the amplification process.

★ No need for standards and standard curves: Absolute quantification of RNA / DNA directly.

★ Fast detection speed: sample detection can be completed in 2.5 hours.

★ The number of effective droplets: ~ 25000 / sample, ultra-sensitive and accurate, and can be combined for analysis with multiple holes pooling. The more droplets, the more accurate.

★ Wide dynamic range: 0.2-20000cp / μL, low concentration and low abundance samples can be directly detected.

★ Reliable data: automatic quality control and visual traceability.

★ Automated operation: sample loading in one step, easy to use, and reducing human error.

★ The only consumable, the system has zero maintenance and easy management.

KeyproTM KP-100biocontamination rapid purifier can inactivate RNase on the surface of pipettes and supplies used in 5 minutes. At the same time, the pathogen can be inactivated in 3-5min to prevent contamination of experimental results and environmental pollution due to contamination of experimental supplies.

Catalogue number and ordering information

Viral RNA extraction reagents

* For research use only.

Beijing Cycloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd. also provides high-quality real-time PCR CieloTM Real Time PCR system from Azure Biosystems.

CieloTM multi-channel real-time PCR system can realize online centralized data processing and monitoring, multi-machine combination, 3/6 fluorescence channels, no ROX correction required.